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Sometimes I forget...

Sometimes I forget that everyone doesn't automatically know how big my photos are. We're all so used to looking at photographs on our phones, that it may be a bit of a shock to see these in their intended size. Here's Patrick M. standing in front of "Other Things That May Be Happening During the Eclipse". This aluminum print is 56" tall by 40" wide. So the beans coming out of his ears are about 2 feet long. In perfect resolution.

Edition 1/3 in the collection of JAF, 2017.


Summer 2013

In the home of collectors J&P in their home in Portland. Originally framed with a black wood frame and thick 8 ply white mat, P got the genius idea to frame it with a black mat board. On the grey walls, the black just draws you into the image. Fantastic.

Edition 1/3, 34"x46" image on Canson Baryta paper.


Superbusy with Clover

A large black and white piece. I love it when collectors choose to hang my work in their bedrooms, the first piece of art they see upon waking.

Edition 1/3, 31" x 43", 2016.


Delphinium and Bee

It took two to tango with this one, at the 2015 Oregon College of Art and Craft annual fundraiser, Art on the Vine. This piece, at 31"x43" sold Editions 1 and 2 of 3 at that size that night.


At Alchemy Jewelry

This pair of vintage framed works make up the diptich "Blueberries and Ferns". Each piece is 30"x40", so together they take up a bit over 60" x 40". I wish I still had the photograph of them installed in a corner in a different gallery...taking up the 90 degree angle. Beautiful.