Print details

Prints are available for all of the work you see on my website. Please scroll down to find info on sizes and print options. For inquiries, please contact me at

These twelve photographs are from my series, "A Year in the Willamette Valley". As a part of the Port of Portland's public art collection, you may have seen these at Portland International Airport. Prints are available in the following sizes:

26"x 32" (the size you might have seen at PDX) $500

16"x20" (easy to find ready made frames for 16"x20", or matted 20"x24") $300

11" x 14" (easy to find ready made frames for 11"x14", or matted 16"x20") $200

They are printed on heavy archival Hahnemule Fine Art Baryta Satin paper, and are signed. They are not limited in their edition. The 11" x 14" and the 16" x 20" can be shipped flat. The 26" x 32" must be shipped rolled in a tube.

These next photographs are all editioned works. These sizes are available in the following editions:

40”x56”: Edition of 3 plus 1 AP

34”x46” to 34”x48”: Edition of 4 plus 1 AP

25”x35 to 30”x40”: Edition of 6 plus 1 AP

16”x20” to 16”x22”: Edition of 12 plus 2 AP

Largest size of each image (46”x64” and larger): Edition of one only. A price list is available here.

(As the works sell, the prices of the remaining editioned pieces will increase.)